2019-2020 Projects

 Maslan – Intervention Program for the Elderly

The project raises social awareness on the issue of violence and sexual abuse towards elderly women by discl.osing information and exposing coping approaches to the phenomenon and to its long term impacts on our elders. The project consists of a course intended for professionals working with the elderly in community centers, retirement homes, independent living homes and geriatric facilities, in which they receive information on prevention and identification of abuse and sexual violence towards elders. The project takes place in the Negev.


The Rotem Center -“Integration in motion”

“Integrating in Motion” is a program aimed at advancing young women with disabilities by integrating them in universal programs for young women operated in Rotem Center.  Since most of the young women in the target population have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lives, the mission is to offer them a unique and innovative therapeutic environment which includes both physical and emotional therapies and workshops, focusing on innovative body and motion methods. The program is based on the “social model” that grasps disability because of social barriers to education, rights and services and sees our programs as a platform for change in this regard. By the integration of young women with a limitation under the general plans of the Rotem Center.  The project takes place at Sapir College in Sderot.


Family Nest Ashkelon – Teaching Skills to Prevent Violence within the family

The goal of the project is to provide women, largely young mothers and teens, with the skills and tools to deal with and prevent violence, sexual harassment and harm, bullying and social pressure.

The program includes meetings, workshops and lectures on these subjects. The project will take place in Ashkelon.


Life’s Door -Gisha L’Chaim-Tomchot L’chaim

This project is an initiative of Life’s Door=Gisha L’Chaim, an NGO which fosters meaning and hope for the aging and seriously ill. “Tomchot L’Chaim” volunteers are retired health professionals and social workers who are specially trained to encourage dialogue between elderly individuals and their family members and carers. Tomchot L’Chaim interactions encourage the exploration of meaningful goals that give hope, and offer opportunities to express individual values in order to best plan for living fully toward life’s end.This pilot program is intended primarily for the elderly with a low socioeconomic background. The project will take place in the northern region of Israel. 


Ma’agalei Shema, women create a future.

The project “Women Create a Future” strengthen entrepreneurial business women with deafness and heavy hearing enables them to cultivate their business and thereby attain their personal goals, fulfill their dreams, and pose a personal example of success to all those around them. The project is based on past experience and includes, inter alia, exposure to networking and business tools, meaningful learning, support and personal and group attention, and a personal example of success despite similar challenges. 

The project takes place in Tel Aviv


Kesher – Special Mothers, Special Power (mother to mother)

A mother-to-mother course in which experienced mothers of special needs children are trained to mentor new mothers. Following the arrival of a family member with special needs, mothers face a radical life change (emotional, physical and health challenges which effect mainly the mothers, but also the family as a whole). The course is intended for a group of mothers dedicated to the cause and willing to offer their time and share their experiences with other mothers. The purpose of the project is to create ties between mothers and offer them enrichment activities on issues that concern them such as effect on siblings, rights of all family members, working mothers and more.

This year, we are looking to continuing the Community’s support and guidance in the southern Tel Aviv and the open a new course for training of mothers in the city’s Ramle Lod.


Resilience to the Golden Age– the center of Resilience, Ofakim

The project designed for women in their golden Age in Ofakim. The aim of the project is to provide them with tools to strengthen their personal, family and community strength, and to enable them to cope with the unique challenges of women at this age, with a comprehensive view of the person and the support circles that are at their reach in the community. Another goal is that these women will be the embassy/volunteers who are willing to support other elderly women in the community.


Jewish Agency – Alma – Pre-military preparatory program for the advancement of women’s leadership

The project, the first of its kind, was established in order to provide young women from the socio-economic periphery who show high leadership potential to grow, advance and contribute to the State of Israel. The participants go through an exciting transformation process of discovery of their own personal abilities, decision-making capabilities and the possibility to advance in society. At the end of the program, the participants join the Israeli army in positions that enable learning and the leading of others, which prepares them to enter Israeli society with important life skills. As part of the program, the young women volunteer with elderly women in the area. The project takes place in Jerusalem.


Jewish Agency – Sunrise – After the military service preparatory program for the advancement of women’s leadership

The Sunrise Program is designed for young Israeli women who have completed their military or national/civilian service, with a special focus on graduates of the Alma Pre-Army Leadership Program for Women and the female graduates of the Yeruham Pre-Army Program. The aim of the Sunrise Program is to enable these young women from Israel’s socio-economic periphery to successfully integrate into civilian life, while developing a sense of responsibility, self-fulfillment and a call for social activism. The program enables participants to experience a rich and varied program focused on strengthening personal identity, exposure to existing multiculturalism in Israel, promoting relevant life skills and providing practical tools for life


Jewish Agency -Give-“TEN” volunteering program at Beit Elisha home – kibbutz Harduf

The Beit Elisha Project, operated as part of the Project TEN center in Harduf in northern Israel, offers adult women with special needs a unique opportunity to establish meaningful and empowering relationships with young women from Israel and abroad while developing skills for independent living. All participating women are members of the Beit Elisha curative community and home for adults with a variety of special needs, disabilities, and behavioral and social difficulties.  

Individual sessions, TEN volunteers meet with the women on a one-on-one basis, help them with different tasks, and form close relationships based on acceptance and mutual respect.    

Our support is directed to TEN Training program, to prepare volunteers for working with special needs populations and with women with special needs in particular. The program also focuses on women empowerment and occupational rehabilitation of women with special needs.         


Jewish Agency  Young Women and Girls Empowerment Program at Kiryat Yearim Youth Village

The Women Empowerment program of the Kiryat Yearim Youth Village works to provide a professional response to the unique needs of at-risk female students of the youth village. Not only have these young women experienced great distress in their lives but they face challenges as a minority gender group in the youth village (comprising 25% of the student body).  The program offers a supportive framework for the female students of the youth village by caring for their emotional needs, equipping them with coping skills, and engaging them in enriching activities. There are 27 girls participating in the program, who are divided into three groups: seventh and eighth graders; ninth graders; and tenth-to-twelfth graders.  


Jewish Agency – Choosing Tomorrow Forever

The project connects between students and Shoah survivors in their homes in personal weekly meetings. In the course of the meetings, the students help the survivors to obtain their rights and benefits and engage with them in different activities. In addition, group activities take place in the community centers across the city. The students receive training, counselling and personal mentoring. The project takes place in Beer Sheva.


Special Grant for empowering women

The Arieh Yehuda Israel Foundation supports women volunteers in their community, such as those who were part of the projects supported by the foundation, who have an aspiration to advance and develop.

It is given to women who have overcome many difficulties, distress, and obstacles on the way to success and self-fulfillment, and it recognizes and appreciates their volunteering, their exceptional efforts and their determination on the road to success.


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