2020-2021 Projects

Atid Bamidbar- Academic Empowerment for Bedouin Girls

Located in Yerucham, works with various groups throughout the Negev to foster a greater connection to Israeli society. Atid Bamidbar is also a major factor in the development of local small businesses and other economic initiatives in order to strengthen the resilience of the region.

Thirty high school age girls from the unrecognized town of Rachma, located close to Yerucham, will receive tutoring in Math, English and Hebrew so that they will be able to finish twelve years of high school. In some cases, they can also receive a matriculation certificate.

 Beit Yossi Rehabilitation of mothers and daughters at risk.

Located in Ashdod, was founded in memory of Captain Yossi Ohana in order to provide a safe and supportive center for families who are suffering from abuse. These families will be able to break the cycle of neglect, abuse and desperation.

This specific program has been developed for twenty mothers and ten girls.  By receiving both group therapies and individual counseling, families and individuals will learn how to develop healthy behaviors so as to enable them to live positive and productive lives.

Platforma- Providing support.

Is a unique organization which trains victims of sexual, physical, emotional and/or economic abuse in the theater arts with the double goals of developing independent and positive lives and also bringing the issue of abuse to public attention.

Providing support for a cohort or twenty-five women during their process of learning specific trades within the theater and through the ensuing internship program.

N.O. to Violence- Employment Integration Program.

Operates three shelters for women and their children who are forced to leave their homes to escape an extremely dangerous reality. In addition to providing physical asylum, the organization aims to help the women develop the emotional strength and the practical training needed to begin new lives for themselves and their children, thus precluding the need to return to abusive situations.

Employment Integration Program- Working with the NGO “BeAtzmi” –”By Myself”- two of the three shelters will provide an in-depth course in preparation for entering the world of employment to women slated to leave the shelters in the coming six months.

The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center- Operation of Support Groups.

Is one of eight regional Crisis Centers operating in Israel.  By virtue of its location, the Jerusalem center serves a wide range of populations.  It provides 24/7 support as part of the National Rape Crisis Hotline-1202-, on-going advice and support to fulfill the double goals of prevention of violence and support for victims of violence.

The program will include work with two specific groups of women. The first group will be comprised of women who have experienced sexual violence during childhood or are the victims of incest. The second group will be specifically for mothers of children who have been sexually abused. The operation of groups in these settings has been documented as being effective in the support of victims and those connected to them      

Fair Chance for Yeladim- Support of Young Mothers –

Offers support and programming for over 10,000 children who cannot live with their nuclear families and have been placed in-group houses and youth villages throughout Israel. 

Young mothers, who are graduates of these group homes and boarding facilities, have become pregnant and choose to deliver and raise their children.  The program will provide both group and individual support to these young mothers in the early stages of their developing a healthy family unit.

 Kedma Youth Village- “My Sister’s Oath”   

An educational and therapeutic setting for children aged thirteen to eighteen who have been removed from their family settings by the office of Social Services or by court order because of abuse and/or neglect.  In addition to providing a traditional educational setting, the youth village strives to provide the students with tools and skills that will help them develop normal life patterns.

The program was developed by the professional staff of the youth village.  Based on the difficult reality of many of the girls’ lives, the program is designed to help them build strategies and behaviors that will  provide them with both the tools for a life of independence and with the understanding of how to develop positive relationships which will assist them and support them in the future.

Alma – Pre-military Preparatory Program for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership

Alma was established in order to provide young women with leadership potential coming from the socio-economic periphery, the opportunity to grow, advance and contribute to the State of Israel. The participants go through an exciting transformation process of discovering their own personal abilities, decision-making capabilities and possibilities to advance in society. At the end of the 6 month program, the participants are encouraged and enabled to join the IDF in positions that provide them with leadership opportunities and life skills.  All in order to prepare them to enter Israeli society successfully. The project is located in Jerusalem. As part of the program, the young women volunteer in a variety of programs in the area.

Youth FuturesYouth Futures program for Domestic Violence Prevention

The “new reality” imposed by the pandemic has resulted in a marked increase of domestic violence.  Upon recognizing this unfortunate process among families participating in the Youth Futures project the professional staff began the development of a special program to combat the phenomenon.  Women in the program receive both individual and group therapy so as to help them gain self-confidence and the strength to  move their family unit to a more positive way of dealing with difficulties. During this process the on-going work with the children will continue with the goal of their succeeding in both their academic and social settings.

Families in Transition- Prevent domestic violence within the family unit, reduce instances of familial violence, and promote constructive communication between family members.

New immigrant families face many difficulties in adjusting to a new reality which may be very different from what they left behind.  The program, which will operate in two Immigrant Absorption Centers, is designed to support new immigrant families during this difficult period while providing them with tools with which to develop a new positive reality.  Participants will learn how to avoid stress, depression and anger which can tailspin into negative behaviors in a program that will be operated with sensitivity to the special needs of the immigrant group.

Special Grant for empowering women

The Arieh Yehuda Israel Foundation supports women volunteers in their community, such as those who were part of the projects supported by the foundation, who have an aspiration to advance and develop.

It is given to women who have overcome many difficulties, distress, and obstacles on the way to success and self-fulfillment, and it recognizes and appreciates their volunteering, their exceptional efforts and their determination on the road to success.

Jewish Women’s Collective Response Fund

In June  2020 the Hadassah Foundation of North America initiated a coalition of Jewish Women’s philanthropic organizations with the purpose of allocating funding to Israeli organizations currently combating domestic violence.

Representatives of the member organizations:  The Hadassah Foundation of North America, The Women’s Amutot Initiative of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, the Jewish Women’s Funds of Atlanta and Chicago and the Israel Lions of Judah, decided upon allocations

To each of the following organizations:

  • Maslan – Crisis Center of the Negev
  • Tahel – Crisis Center for the Orthodox Jewish Community
  • Women’s Spirit – Fighting Economic Violence Against Women



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