2008-2009 Projects

Life Skills Program for Adolescent Girls – Orr Shalom

The Orr Shalom Children and Youth village provides an intimate family structure for the treatment of 6 – 18 year olds, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. This project will empower 7 girls at risk by giving them the life skills needed to begin independent, productive lives. The trainings include: cooking, computer skills, accounting and job search skills, such as resume writing and interview preparation, etc.

Women Building Community – Aros Elbahar Organization for Women in Yaffo.

The group’s aims are to support and empower Arab women residents in Yaffo on a personal, financial, cultural and community level, as well as advancing their status and various social, political and nationalistic rights.

Women Building Community is a community empowerment project to develop women’s leadership among the residents of Yaffo, from the ages of 20 – 40. It includes a weekly working session, visits to other women’s groups and work on a suitable community endeavour. In the follow up to this program it is intended for the participants to find employment in public institutions and socially committed forums and committees which are active in the community, under the continued guidance of the group.

Community Theatre – Centre for Peace in the Family, Kfar Saba 

This is a Community Theatre workshop for abused women, through which they process painful and intimate insights. The creative process allows them to acknowledge, to touch and to overcome. During the course of the workshop, the women undergo a process of personal empowerment using the tools of art and in particular, of theatre. The experience creates an enriching “tool box” for further introspection and understanding.

The Warm House for Girls At Risk – Yeruham

The Warm House is a day facility which is active in the after school hours and serves 50 girls at risk in Yeruham. The atmosphere of allowance and acceptance and the warm supportive treatment, gives the girls a sense of belonging and security. In addition to training and enrichment classes, the girls are encouraged to become a part of the local community volunteer activities.

This project is sponsored in conjunction with the Miami, Florida Federation.

Pre-Atidim Program, Tiberias – The Jewish Agency

Pre-Atidim has developed a variety of empowerment programs, focusing on increasing the pupils’ feelings of personal capability, strengthening their self-confidence, acquainting them with personalities worthy of imitation and increasing their motivation to pursue a higher education – all of which are conditions for academic success. Pre-Atidim aspires not only to produce better pupils but people who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Theatre Workshop for Young Women – The Yoram Levinstein Theatre Studio- Shchunat Hatikva, Tel Aviv

This is the second year that this project has been running with this group of participants. Problems and upsets are handled a different way, through the language of the creative expression and brought to the surface, in a supportive atmosphere where they experience success and acknowledgement of their own gifts.

Isha Women’s Health Project – Tel Aviv Municipality

This program is designed to cultivate a core of community lay leaders, capable of affecting women’s issues in a grassroots fashion.   In community centers throughout Israel, groups of women from broad and diverse backgrounds undergo the training. 
In conjunction with the Los Angeles Federation

Preparation for IDF Induction – The Jewish Agency

This course prepares young female immigrants for meaningful IDF service through empowerment training and by acquiring the skills and tools necessary for a successful integration into the IDF framework.

The participants have immigrated to Israel within the Jewish agency framework and without families, for the most part.

Couples in a Changing Society – The Jewish Agency

 This project proposes a new tack in dealing with the violence that presently manifests within the Ethiopian community. The workshops, which the participants will attend, will give them alternative communications pathways and patterns to allow a constructive and respectful solution to disagreements. And to contrast negative ones with positive behavior patterns that promote a healthy partnership.

In addition, they will deal with: cross-culture, family violence, government assistance programs, role of the police, community service and more.

Simultaneously, the husbands will attend a workshop with the same trainers, a man and a woman, who provide a positive role model for partnership.


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