2009-2010 Projects


This yearly IDF preparatory course is intended for the students of the Amit Girls’ boarding schools in Petach Tikvah. The activities are dedicated to self empowerment discussions and workshops with regard to IDF service or National service and talks on First Impressions and Stigmas. The girls learn how to present themselves with an emphasis on their good qualities, which in turn assists them in finding more appropriate positions for their skills with the IDF or the National service. As well, Their trainers give them a veritable tool kit for success and for dealing with the mental and physical challenges that could arise.

Population slice- Girls from difficult homes with financial problems and/or neglect and girls who have been removed from their homes by court order.


Beit Hashanti is a Israel’s only shelter for street children at risk. Within the framework of treatments and classes in which our donation will play a part are included: art, psychodrama, film, drumming, flamenco, creative writing and more. The classes help to broaden the children’s outlook and options, exposing them to new ideas and experiences in a warm and loving atmosphere which helps to peel off their protective masks and layers. At the center of the Shantherapy project are the therapeutic arts programs which assist the youth to overcome their traumas and face the present challenges, with tools that can help them gain a better self image and learn to make better choices in their lives.

Youth Futures, Sderot – The Jewish Agency

“Youth Futures”, a project of the Jewish Agency, has been running successfully in 27 localities in Israel to date, and partners Israelis with Diaspora Jewry. Its goal is to provide youth at risk with an equal opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty and underachievement.


This is Drug Addict Treatment Center with a closed community for treatments and rehabilitation workshops with a minimum year long stay for addicts who are trying to return to a normative existence.

In the Ilanot community there is a special unit for “clean” addicted mothers who are raising their children with them and are undergoing addiction therapy along with learning parenting skills. Many of these women did not raise their children themselves, due to the drugs and their stay in the facility allows some an opportunity to care for their children again while gaining parenting ability and self empowerment.

A portion of the LOJI contribution will be put to a workshop on therapy using animals.


A social environment project to take care of battered women and their children, who reside in shelters. As part of the project, various yearly enrichment workshops and experiential trips and activities in nature. The project is led by Mordechai Lotem who has expertise in dealing with special needs groups. They will benefit from loving support and personal and family empowerment.

Couples in a Changing Society – The Jewish Agency

This project proposes a new tack in dealing with the violence that presently manifests within the Ethiopian community. The workshops, which the participants will attend, will give them alternative communications pathways and patterns to allow a constructive and respectful solution to disagreements. And to contrast negative ones with positive behavior patterns that promote a healthy partnership.

In addition, they will deal with: cross-culture, family violence, government assistance programs, role of the police, community service and more.

Simultaneously, the husbands will attend a workshop with the same trainers, a man and a woman, who provide a positive role model for partnership.


The second Lebanon war found many of the residents of the north dealing with an ongoing existential threat for more than a month. This continued acute stress situation, which includes “under fire” and random falls has left many with feelings of helplessness, panic, anger and abandonment. And their reality worsened during the Cast Lead action in Gaza.

This program comes to strengthen the emotional shields of a mixed group of Jewish and Arab women and to give them the skills needed for dealing with emergencies and with conflict mediation. Women’s empowerment strengthens not only the nuclear family and the extended one but can assist in opening up wider circles of community support, while maintaining and strengthening Arab/Jewish relations. The workshop will be lead by a team from the main Natal centre for victims of nationalist violence.


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