2010-2011 Projects

“Youth Futures”

 “Youth Futures”, a project of the Jewish Agency, has been running successfully in 27 localities in Israel to date, and partners Israelis with Diaspora Jewry. Its goal is to provide youth at risk with an equal opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty and underachievement.

Road to Success – Branco Weiss High School, Ramla

Therapy workshops for girls in Branco Weiss Ramle  high school.

Learning at a therapeutic horse farm, Psychodrama and more. This therapeutics tools allows students to process emotional experiences and to cope with personal problems.

The Family Nest in Ashkelon

The association helps young mothers and their children cope with family problems such as violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, single parent families, immigrant families, and more. Families are escorted byvolunteers which allows them to recoverand move on. 

Academy for young people – new Yeruham Foundation

 Accompanying the students during their studies for social entrepreneurship. Activities include group meetings, personal academic assistance, seminars, cheap accommodation. The project is for young women from Yeruham with academic excellence and potential for graduate study. 

One in Nine

.Funding workshops to promote breast health issue for women aged 30-60 the geographic and social periphery 

womens court – Jaffa

Open space for girls at-risk in Jaffa. The space is used as a refuge safe and allows an opportunity to grow and recover.


 The program includes several sessions for girls at risk that aim to give  tools and help them cope  


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