2011-2012 Projects

Road to Success – Branco Weiss High School, Ramla

Therapy workshops for girls in Branco Weiss Ramle  high school.

Learning at a therapeutic horse farm, Psychodrama and more. This therapeutics tools allows students to process emotional experiences and to cope with personal problems.

Herzog Hospital Geriatric Caregiver Training Program for Ethiopian Women

Herzog Hospital has developed a program to train young Ethiopian women to become hospital nurses’ aides.The program to train Ethiopian immigrants meets two critical needs: the shortage of trained personnel in the field of geriatric care-giving, and to help integrate the young generation of Ethiopian immigrants into the workplace in positions that will offer wages they can live on. The course is also offer opportunities to continue professional studies in the field.

The Family Nest in Ashkelon

The association helps young mothers and their children cope with family problems such as violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, single parent families, immigrant families, and more.

Families are escorted by volunteers which allows them to recover and move on

Esheet – Individual Business Tutoring Program

The individual tutoring program is a part of Esheet’s business training. Studying the needs of Esheet’s students and attendants of similar training worldwide, it appears that women entrepreneurs face the main difficulties in the initial stages of establishing the business and making the first steps in the business world. Therefore, providing them with professional guidance throughout those stages, reducing beginners’ mistakes and offering effective tools to handle day-to-day dilemmas, is highly important. In brief, it can make the difference between a long lasting success and a financial catastrophe



8 courses given to a total of 120-160 girls-at –risk at residential homes.  The courses teach basic concepts, tools and empowerment necessary to achieve financial responsibility and independence.

Hiyot – Vocational Guidance Workshop for Ethiopian Israeli Girls


Career guidance workshop for Ethiopian girls.

48 sessions during which the girls met with professional guides in the areas of self-esteem, assertiveness, communication, marketing, body language, rights and duties in the workplace, resume writing, job search and preparation for job interviews.

Criminal Process – Raising Awareness and Victim Support Program (VSP)

Center for Victims of Sexual Assault in Tel – Aviv 

Support victims and raising awareness of criminal procedure 

 Support and practical and emotional about 200 victims a year throughout the criminal process, includes matching expectations and providing information that allows empowerment and support of victims, every step of the process – with the hospital and the police, help in understanding the process and monitoring the causes of police during the progress of the case, with prosecutors and with and close support Throughout the trial and testimony, including help writing appeals if necessary 

The Center for Women’s Justice Public interest Litigation Project

CWJ’s Public Interest Litigation Project is working to “bring the State back in” and rouse Israel’s civil court system to respond to unjust infringements on women’s rights that are ignored, or even imposed, in deference to religious law.

Maslan Support victims of Sexual and Physical Abuse

Maslan takes an active part in the legal Aid & Accompaniment for Victims of Sexual and Physical Abuse and support them through the process 


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