2012-2013 Projects

The Path to Success – Branco Weiss High School, Ramla

“The Path to Success” uses a multidisciplinary approach to aid teenage girls-at-risk who are studying at the Branco Weiss High School in Ramla. The project seeks to support these girls on three levels: educational, emotional and social.

On the educational level the project provides individual tutoring to enable the girls to achieve success and eventually to complete their Bagrut (matriculation exams.) On the emotional level there are regular meetings with professionals, therapy workshops, psychodrama and visits to a therapeutic horse farm. These tools allow the girls to process emotional experiences and to cope with personal problems. On a social level the project seeks to empower the girls and to teach them how to deal with various situations in life.

The Family Nest in Ashkelon

Through one-on-one mentoring by volunteers, this project helps women and their families cope with traumas brought on by family violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, single parent families, immigration and more. The women – single mothers, convicts or ex-convicts, having at least one child under the age of six – are referred to the “Nest” for rehabilitation by the Welfare Department and the Ashkelon Municipality. The Nest is about social change. The women are empowered to help themselves and their children, to recover and move on. 20% stay within the program to volunteer. 

Herzog Hospital Geriatric Caregiver Training Program for Ethiopian Women

The Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem is Israel’s foremost centre for geriatric, respiratory and mental health care. It established the nurses’ aid training program for Ethiopian immigrants and residents of East Jerusalem – which is taught in Arabic. The program meets two critical needs – the shortage of trained geriatric care-givers and integrating Ethiopian women into the work force. The 4-month program, which includes communication, ethics, basic nursing, and medical and social aspects of geriatric nursing is conducted full-time five days a week, during which the students receive a stipend.

Esheet – Individual Business Tutoring Program

Esheet believes that economic independence is the key to a life of dignity and productive social integration.  It encourages women to create independent business ventures, helping them accomplish their business aspirations by providing  practical and professional tools believing that individual tutoring can make the difference between a long lasting success and a financial catastrophe. Esheet has hundreds of graduates who have launched their own businesses – from cooking and baking, through cosmetics and alternative medicine to interior design, graphic design and gardening

Chaim BePlus -Like2Save Facebook and Mentoring Project

Chaim BePlus is a leading non-profit financial education organization. Its goal is to educate and nurture a growing community of financially savvy youth to maintain a positive bank balance, negotiate a mobile phone plan and save money for the future. The project, “Like2Save Facebook and Mentoring” is aimed at girlsaged 17-22, many preferring National Service (Sherut Leumi) to the army. Its mentors coach them through online chat and facebook. Chaim BePlus developed a curriculum which combines discussions, filmclips, games and real-life simulations, such as how to create your budget on-line.  

Raising Awareness and Victim Support Program – Center for Victims of Sexual Assault in Tel – Aviv

One out of six girls is a victim of incest or sexual assault. Our project is part of the “Criminal Process – Raising Awareness and Victim Support (VSP)”. It covers training programs for 14 new volunteers who will counsel rape victims and girls traumatized from sexual offences. Prosecutors from the Tel Aviv State Attorney’s Office are also being trained as well as police officers specializing in investigating sexual crime. It also works to help professionals in the system to understand the experience of the victim, and supports first responders in dealing with the secondary trauma. 

Maslan, Negev- Circle of Support for Youth at Risk

This project targets youth who were exposed from an early age to problematic adults in their immediate close circle. They have complex circumstances and have witnessed or been victims of physical, sexual or psychological harassment.

In the framework of this project, MASLAN offers process-guided workgroups and workshops customized for the special needs of the youth. The aim is to build a robust and more positive self image and instill social capabilities.

Reuth Hospital – Dance Movement Therapy for Women with Eating Disorders

This project enables women suffering from anorexia and eating disorders, treated at the Agam Center for Eating Disorders at RMC, to receive Dance Movement Therapy (DMT). Through DMT, women suffering from traumatic experiences will have a better chance of rehabilitation through psychotherapeutic use of movement. Data from the evaluation of the project will contribute to studies in the field of treatment for anorexia and eating disorders.

NATAL – Girls under fire

NATAL initiated the Multidisciplinary Trauma Studies Center which is accredited by the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. The “Girls Under Fire” project is for girls suffering the uncertainty and stress from living near Gaza and Sderot. The girls, aged between14-18, have been removed from their homes by court order because of neglect, trauma or as victims sexual harassment. They now live in a protected environment at the EdenBoarding School, Kibbutz Karmia. They are given  phototherapy sessions to encourage insight and communication between the patient and the therapist which is not possible by using words alone. Phototherapy is a therapeutic method whereby personal photos of the patient, family members, friends and familiar places can be used as catalysts to evoke. 

Theatre Workshop for Young Women – The Yoram Levinstein Theatre Studio- Shchunat Hatikva, Tel Aviv

This is the second year that this project has been running with this group of participants. Problems and upsets are handled in a different way – through the language of the creative expression. The problems are brought to the surface in a supportive atmosphere where the participants experience success and acknowledgement of their own talent.

Beit Noam- Unique non-verbal workshops at Beit Noam

Beit Noam is a hostel for treating male domestic violence in the family. Its professionals believe in an all-round approach to break the cycle of violence that repeats itself down the generations. The hostel creates a space for violent men where they are offered non verbal workshops such as psycho drama, body-soul and art therapy.  This year’s project is “Unique non verbal workshops at Beit Noam”. 

This charity also runs a domestic violence center for Be’er Sheva and the Negev in conjunction with the Be’er Sheva City Council.

Our Children’s- Crisis Intervention Unit at Schneider Medical Center – Accompaniment and Empowerment for Young Women.

The main goal of the Unit is to accompany girls during their hospitalization at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center. Equipment is purchased for the educational team and playrooms in each department. Our project is the Accompaniment and Empowerment for Young Women at the Crisis Intervention Unit at the hospital. The 20 girls in the program are from all walks of life, between the ages 8-18 and typically suffer from eating disorders for which they were hospitalized. They are treated by psychologists who address their chronic problems, while preventing a relapse of the eating disorder and severe depression and withdrawal during the transition from observation to ambulatory care.

Yeruham Association – “Piutim” Choir

Their aim is to provide disadvantaged Israeli pupils in underprivileged areas with the tools for achieving academic success to escape the poverty cycle. Their model is “Kol Yaakov” primary school in Yerucham, a model school in Israel’s national plan for “Leading the education system into the 21st century”. The project chosen is the “Piutim Choir” in which about 25 religious girls from the Negev area participate. The intention is to teach them disciplines learnt from team work, the confidence that comes from voice projection and public performances,  and the role of religious women in Israeli society today.

Roots Theater

The Shorashim project is about empowering Ethiopian women and youngsters through their cultural pride. It connects them to Israeli culture of today. It began as a theater of personal stories through dance, song and music – life in Ethiopia, the journey from Ethiopia through Sudan and the challenge of living in Israel. Daughters of the Shorashim women joined the group bringing new experiences and new ways to express them. Today, there are 12 women, 6 girls and 2 young boys in the group. The project has impacted favourably on their way of life and their belief in their ability.


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