2013-2014 Projects

Branco Weiss High School, Ramla

The school is committed to excellence in education and works to develop and implement pedagogical and organizational innovation in schools and in educational programs in Israel. “The Path to Success” project uses a multidisciplinary approach to aid teenage at-risk students. It seeks to support these girls on three levels: educational, emotional and social.It addresses academic achievement, personal efficacy, social identity and imparting a sense of belonging. The students will complete Bagrut (matriculation) and learn how to cope with life.

Family Nest in Ashkelon

Through one-on-one mentoring by volunteers, this project helps women and their families cope with traumas brought on by family violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, single parent families, immigration and more. The women – single mothers, convicts or ex-convicts, having at least one child under the age of six – are referred to the “Nest” for rehabilitation by the Welfare Department and the Ashkelon Municipality. The Nest is about social change. The women are empowered to help themselves and their children, to recover and move on. 20% stay within the program to volunteer. The project is jointly supported by LOJI and the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation of Baltimore.

Herzog Hospital Geriatric Caregiver Training Program for Ethiopian Women

The Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem is Israel’s foremost centre for geriatric, respiratory and mental health care. It established the nurses’ aid training program for Ethiopian immigrants and residents of East Jerusalem – which is taught in Arabic. The program meets two critical needs – the shortage of trained geriatric care-givers and integrating Ethiopian women into the work force. The 4-month program, which includes communication, ethics, basic nursing, and medical and social aspects of geriatric nursing is conducted full-time five days a week, during which the students receive a stipend.

MASLAN, Negev – Circle of Support for Youth at Risk

This project targets youth who were exposed from an early age to problematic adults in their immediate close circle. They have complex circumstances and have witnessed or been victims of physical, sexual or psychological harassment.
In the framework of this project, MASLAN offers process-guided workgroups and workshops customized for the special needs of the youth. The aim is to build a robust and more positive self image and instill social capabilities.

Paamonim (Bells)

The project will consist of four long-term group workshops for the economic and personal rehabilitation of women in single-parent families. About forty women from the peripheral areas of Israel will participate.
Strive in the neighborhood & Tel Aviv municipality


Israel is an innovative social program designed to foster financial independence and rewarding career choices. STRIVE provides women from the Hatikva neighborhood with tools to help them realize their true individual and professional potential.

At Home-Together-empowering women in Karmiel, Jewish Agency Project

This unique project brings together 40 new immigrant and veteran Israeli women to form a close knit group who meet once a week. Together they are participating in various workshops that deal in different aspects of empowerment. They are also taking a special course together in flower arranging.
The women are learning to deal with the complicated reality of living in Israel, and receive tools, knowledge and training that will enable them to lead an independent life. Without the support of Lion of Judah – Israel this project would not take place!

Hadassah Neurim Aliya Youth Village- Jewish Agency Project

A special program to empower 40 girls that live in Hadassah Neurim Aliya Youth Village – based on one to one program and a group support.

“Derech Eretz”- Jewish Agency Project

First secular pre-military “Mechina” (Preparatory) to promote women’s leadership. It was organized in order to give young women with high potential who live in the periphery the opportunity to obtain tools for personal growth and leadership to contribute to the State of Israel.

Educational Empowerment in the Kiryat Yearim Youth Village

This project is intended to strengthen the self-image of at-risk teen girls living in the Youth Village. They receive training in empowerment and the role of women and girls in society. The program encompasses all aspects of the girls’ lives – hygiene, clothing, healthcare and beauty, sex education and additional subjects according to the interests of the girls participating. The program also provides specialized training for the staff.


Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War
NATAL initiated the Multidisciplinary Trauma Studies Center which is accredited by the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. The “Girls Under Fire” project is for girls suffering the uncertainty and stress from living near Gaza and Sderot. The girls, aged between14-18, have been removed from their homes by court order because of neglect, trauma or as victims sexual harassment. They now live in a protected environment at the Eden Boarding School, Kibbutz Karmia. They are given phototherapy sessions to encourage insight and communication between the patient and the therapist which is not possible by using words alone. Phototherapy is a therapeutic method whereby personal photos of the patient, family members, friends and familiar places can be used as catalysts to evoke. The project is jointly supported by LOJI and the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation of Baltimore.

El HaLev- The Lioness Club

The Lioness Club enables El HaLev to reach directly into communities to identify potential young leaders and help them synthesize and hone their skills as they enter young womanhood. The program stimulates a ripple effect whereby each new participant is able to educate an inestimable number of girls, women, and others about how to value and protect themselves from potential violence.


The Jewish Women’s Collaborative International Fund has awarded a two-year grant to Itach-Maaki, the lead organization of Bringing Women to the Fore: A Feminist Partnership. The partnership is a cooperative effort of eight leading women’s organizations in Israel that are uniting to develop a strong activist coalition.


WePower is an organization for the advancement of women’s leadership. WePower’s goal is to increase the number of women elected for public offices on national and municipal levels. Women will only be able to change the gender discrimination which lies at all levels of Israeli society by becoming part of the public decision making process. WePower trains female activists who wish to create and lead social change.

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