2014-2015 Projects


helping young girls to plan a career path

 Lamerhav supports disadvantaged, at-risk Israeli youths, without family support and provides them with the emotional support, practical guidance and economic assistance allowing them to realize their academic, professional and social potential. Lamerhav gives these youths an individually tailored long-term support program that raises their self-esteem and personal expectations, ensuring that they become active members of Israel’s society and workforce. The ten months program includes a group workshop and individual guidance.

Make A Wish Israel

H O P E program

Health Optimism Positivity Emotional Well Being The program provides empowerment for girls who dream big and want big things for their future, while they are fighting a life-threatening Illness. By receiving their greatest wish they have something to look forward to and ACTUALLY EVEN LIVE FOR!!!!  

El HaLev – Ambasssadors of Power

continuing project. An empowering and leadership program for prevention of violence.

This ongoing project is for girls from a low socio-economic background in Jerusalem and the periphery. In 2013/14, with the help of the Lions of Judah, these girls completed their selfdefence training in their community. With personal and professional guidance, they can now find work as self-defence and martial arts instructors.

The Path to Success

Branco Weiss High School, Ramle

The school is committed to excellence in education and works to develop and implement pedagogical and organizational innovation in schools and in educational programs in Israel. “The Path to Success” project uses a multidisciplinary approach to aid teenage at-risk students. It seeks to support these girls on three levels: educational, emotional and social. It addresses academic achievement, personal efficacy, social identity and imparting a sense of belonging. The students will complete Bagrut (matriculation) and learn how to cope with life. 

Strive in the neighborhood & Tel Aviv municipality

STRIVE Israel is an innovative social program designed to foster financial independence and rewarding career choices. STRIVE provides women from the Hatikva  neighborhood with tools to help them realize their true individual and professional potential.

“Alma Derech Eretz”- Jewish Agency Project

First secular pre-military “Mechina” (Preparatory) to promote women’s leadership. It was organized in order to give young women with high potential who live in the periphery the opportunity to obtain tools for personal growth and leadership to contribute to the State of Israel.

Educational Empowerment in the Kiryat Yearim Youth Village- Jewish Agency Project.

This project is intended to strengthen the self-image of at-risk teen girls living in the Youth Village. They receive training in empowerment and the role of women and girls in society. The program encompasses all aspects of the girls’ lives – hygiene, clothing, healthcare and beauty, sex education and additional subjects according to the interests of the girls participating. The program also provides specialized training for the staff. 

At Home Together

Young Girls build a Future Together

This project is in cooperation with Family Nest and At Home Together located in Haifa with the support of the Jewish Agency. The aim of the women’s group is to help incorporate new immigrants into Israeli society through personal and professional empowerment by building social and professional networks. The acquirement of basic skills will enable them to integrate into the business world through skills such as computer literacy, preparation of CVs, interviewing technique etc.


Services for Lone Soldiers – in co-operation with the Jewish Agency

The aim of the project is to supply lone new immigrant soldiers with the necessary tools which will contribute to their confidence and facilitate their integration into Israeli society. The project includes group workshops and personal consultations which focus on the acquiring of financial skills in the workplace and personal finances. 


61,000 NIS.

 Due to the emergency situation, the Lions of Judah contributed to the following projects who requested our aid: * The Family Nest in Ashkelon – 8,000 NIS for the purchase of food stamps for single women who are unable to leave the shelters. * NATAL – 15,000 NIS for assistance for trauma and anxiety treatment in the South. * Eden Girls Boarding School – 20,000 NIS. The school is located on Karmia on the border with Gaza. Due to the situation, the girls were moved to Sde Boker and LOJI assisted with the expenses of the move. * Keren Alfa – 18,000 NIS. Two groups of single mothers with their children from Ofakim were hosted for a few days in the North of Israel with activities for the children and their mothers.


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