2015-2016 Projects

“Hatachana Haba’a” Mentoring Program

Girls for Girls, Sapir College
“Hatachana Haba’a (in Hebrew: the Next Station) is a project aimed at advancing education and employment for “at risk” young women from the southern Israeli periphery.

The project’s main objective is to focus on both education and employment by guiding the participants through the process of discovering their potential professional talents and abilities and by exposing them to knowledge about educational and work
settings in the south of Israel and around.

The project is led by professional staff and program graduates who are mentors

Siket – Success in Amharic, Start-up, Collot Ba’Negev

The project’s central goal is to narrow existing gaps in Israeli society regarding Ethiopian-Israeli women and to encourage them

towards excellence and economic independence through higher education.
During the course of the project they will provide 100 women with a platform of annual assistance for their entire bachelor degree studies. This includes: personal mentoring, financial assistance, empowerment workshops and community leadership programs.

In exchange for this assistance, the women volunteer in various community frameworks such as: women’s shelters, helping to
make high school education accessible to mothers in the community, helping children with their homework, and more.
In doing so, the young women serve as role models in the community.

Olim Beyahad

Employment, Empowerment, & Leadership of Excelling Ethiopian Israeli Women
Olim Beyahad decided to focus a large percentage of its activities on serving Ethiopian Israeli women and addressing their many challenges. Using their unique work model, they help them find suitable jobs at the forefront of Israel’s workforce, while providing them with various skills that are essential in the workforce in order to facilitate their long-term integration into jobs, the workforce, and society.


Guidance of young women in career- planning and development
Lamerhav supports disadvantaged, at-risk Israeli youths, without family support and provides them with emotional support,

practical guidance and economic assistance, allowing them to realize their academic, professional and social potential.
Lamerhav gives these youths an individually tailored long-term support program that raises their self-esteem and personal
expectations, ensuring that they become active members of Israel’s society and workforce.

The ten-month program includes group workshops and individual guidance.

“Leviot Kadima”

(Lionesses forward – In Hebrew), The Yerucham Association – For the Future of Education in IsraelThe Yerucham Association – For the Future of Education in Israel
The project objective is to allow girls from a low socio-economic background a chance to change their reality, in their natural environment – Ulpanat Yavne (Religious Girls’ junior high & High School).

The project includes teacher’s empowerment and extra school hours for the students

United Hatzalah

Women’s EMT and Family-Safe Instructor Course
As a pilot project, United Hatzalah will train 25 women as EMT’s and Licensed First Aid Trainers, empowering these women to establish and maintain their own businesses providing a broad range of first aid courses for teachers, day-care center networks, nurses and mothers in their communities.

These women will also be fully trained to respond to first aid emergencies within their communities, with a special focus on emergency birth situations, and the course may open a pathway for women to enter the increasingly popular birth doula profession.

Alma Jewish Agency Project

First secular pre-military “Mechina” (Preparatory program) to promote women’s leadership.

It was organized in order to give young women with high potential who live in the periphery the opportunity to obtain tools for personal growth and leadership to contribute to the State of Israel.


Services for Lone SoldiersIn co-operation with the Jewish Agency
The aim of the project is to supply lone new immigrant soldiers with the necessary tools which will contribute to their confidence and facilitate their integration into Israeli society.

The project includes group workshops and personal professional consultations, which focus on the acquiring of financial skills for
the workplace and personal finances.

“Potchim Atid”

(Open the future – in Hebrew), The Jewish agencyThe Jewish agency
Empowering mothers in the family environment of the “Potchim Atid” project in Yokneam and Megido, in the areas of parenting and family-functioning, home – economics, employment and utilization of social rights

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