International Lion of Judah Conference in Miami

More than 1400 women – members of Lion of Judah gathered in Miami, Florida for the International Conference of the Lion of Judah Organization. Alongside the distinguished Israeli delegation, which numbered nearly 40 representatives, women from 60 different communities in the United States, women from Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and England came to participate.

During the three fascinating days of the conference, the women were exposed to content dealing with the Jewish world, the ties between American and Israeli Jewry, family- philanthropy and more.

In addition to first-class lecturers, the participants were exposed to various social projects in the Jewish world and in general, and dealt with significant issues that concern the various and diverse sectors present at the conference.

The Israeli delegation took part in a special opening cocktail with the community of Lion Yehuda of Los Angeles and at a communal dinner as is customary, with the community of the Lions of Miami.

Sigal Bar-On, chairperson of the Arieh Yehuda Israel Foundation, received the Wilson-Kipnis Prize from 2004 for outstanding women who set a high standard and breakthrough in philanthropy and social action.

For “dessert”, we all enjoyed the great performance of Bat-Ella, a member of Arieh Yehuda Israel, that sang beautiful songs that made the whole crowd stand on their feet and feel deep connection to Israel.

Before the conference, the members of the Israeli delegation enjoyed three days of an early delegation, where they encountered the Miami’s’ community life, night life, the local philanthropy, and were hosted for a Friday dinner in the homes of women from the community.

Many thanks to the organizers of the early delegation, to all the volunteers who took part in the various positions during the conference, and to Sigal Bar-On, who orchestrated the event.